COVID-19 STATEMENT: Protective face covering is required to enter the stores. Selling is by appointment only.

We are currently buying for SUMMER


760 Queen Street East
Toronto M4M 1H4


MON-SAT 11-7

One block east of Broadview

TTC - 501 Queen streetcar or 504 King to Broadview & Queen


1414 Queen Street West
Toronto M6K 1L9


MON-SAT 11-7

Queen Street at Dunn, between O'Hara and Lansdowne.

TTC - Eastbound 501 Queen streetcar to Dunn or
Westbound 501 Queen streetcar to O'Hara


444 Bloor Street West
Toronto M5S 1X8


MON-SAT 11-7

Two blocks east of Bathurst near Howland

TTC - Two blocks east of Bathurst Subway Station

How to sell to us...

  1. Book your selling appointment! We now require all sellers to come in by appointment only.
  2. Check what season we are buying for either on our website here or on the sign in store.
  3. Pack up your clean seasonal items in a bag, remember to spot-clean! Please, no more than 3 bags, and no loose items.
  4. When it is your scheduled appointment, bring in those excellent condition, fashionable items to the specified location.
  5. We will record your first and last name and your contact cell phone number, and you will be given an estimated wait time.
  6. A buyer will then go through all your items and determine if there is something we can resell, and will price those items for the store.
  7. The buyer will send you a text message when they have completed going through your items. If you have not received a text message and it is nearing end of day, please return to the store.
  8. You can choose to receive 50% of those prices in store credit that is good at all our locations forever. Or you can take 25% of that price in cash, on the spot.
  9. We require valid I.D. to give cash and you must be at least 18 years of age.
  10. We then give you back the items we did not choose.
  11. All items must be picked up by the end of the day they are brought in.
    Any items left at the store for 48 hours will be considered donation.
  12. We are extremely picky with what we buy, please don’t take offence if we do not buy your items. There are many other factors that go in to our decisions beside style and condition. Factors like: what we currently have in stock, what we need at that moment and how many items we already have.

Thanks and good luck!